Side glow fibre
Bathroom featuring side-glow fibre
Side glow fibre in a woodland setting

(Section 5) Side glow fibre - per metre.

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Side glow fibre makes a virtue of the light leakage which occurs in any bare fibre, and can be used to create glowing lines indoors or out. It is particularly popular as a trim around the edge of swimming pools. Typically, more powerful light sources are used with side glow to produce the best effect. Do bear in mind that side glow is a secondary effect and works best where ambient light levels are subdued - you'll see nothing at all in broad daylight. If you're unsure whether the fibre will be bright enough for your application, experiment with a short sample before committing yourself to a large purchase.

Bear in mind also that the effect diminishes over distance so you need to experiment to ensure that you're not trying to project light over unrealistic distances.

Where possible, side glow fibre should be looped back to the light source, or daisy-chained between two light sources. Or, if you can't do this and don't plan to use the end point light of the fibres, cap the far end with a piece of reflective foil